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Writer, Biologist, Store Owner, Traveler, Music Lover, News Junkie, Cook
Inventor of the Hillbilly Dinner Napkin

This website is about me, Kent L. Johnson, author of Fiction. I was born in the state of Rhode Island, the son of a Navel officer. A military kid. Growing up I lived a couple times in Rhode Island, a couple times in California, Texas, and Virginia. I landed in the Central Valley of California where many of my stories start. I have a degree in Biology with a concentration in Botany from California State University, Stanislaus.

I had a career in the Seed Industry and was fortunate enough do many things while employed there, not the least, travel the world. I haven't seen it all, but there is still time. Through a series of circumstances, I wound up the owner of a motorcycle leather store, despite the fact that I do not ride a motorcyle, nor ever have? I still have time to rectify this. I've been writing fiction ever since college.

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Short Story, Double Entendre, to be published in the print anthology, Love at First Bite, by Static Movement Publishing.

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Kent L Johnson

New Book Cover for Bear Justice. Let me know what you think. Just click on the Bear Justice Link above.

I've been writing stories, letters, and funny stuff for most of my life. I wrote my first novel in 2002. (Mendel's Release) It was picked up by an agent, but then returned to me. Now in 2014, it awaits professional editing. Feedback has been good from my writing group friends. I wrote Bear Justice in 2011,  I started Sifar in 2012, now renamed Brewmaster of Arabia (Read the first chapter).

I've also written two screen plays for short films. I'm getting stuff published while I practice my craft. Here is a list of recently published stories.

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