Writer of Fiction

This web site is about me, Kent L. Johnson, author of Fiction. I was born in the state of Rhode Island, the son of a Navel officer. A military kid. Growing up I lived a couple times in Rhode Island, a couple times in California, Texas, and Virginia. I spent many years in the Central Valley of California where many of my stories start. Currently, I live in Kentuckiana, that region of Southern Indiana and northern Kentucky that the Ohio river splits in two at Louisville.

I have a degree in Biology from California State University, Stanislaus. A degree in science does many things from being able to technically explain phenomenon correctly, but also to have the ability to observe things with an eye for detail, like a scientist. These eyes for detail punch up writing with descriptive smells, colors, sounds, shapes as well as adding quirks and actions to characters personalities.

I've had a career in the Seed Industry and was fortunate enough do many things while employed there, not the least, travel the world. I've been throughout the US and Canada, parts of Mexico, multiple times to Europe, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia. I've seen cultures and read the newspapers of all these places and I think that's given me a different perspective on our world.

Through a series of circumstances, I wound up getting kicked out of the seed industry for a while due to a non-compete agreement. I wound up the the owner of a motorcycle leather web site, then a retail motorcycle leather and accessories store, despite the fact that I do not ride a motorcycle, nor ever have. A divorce and the great recession of 2008 wiped me and my store out.

The seed industry beckoned and I moved to the mid-west and started working in seed again. I built the facility for other owners and ran it for almost three years before a flood destroyed everything, including about 4 million pounds of seed. I've got another seed place in my sights but with this lull in work, I really needed to complete some of my books and get them into peoples hands so they can either enjoy or put me down. Either way, my efforts get read.

I've been writing fiction ever since college. You'll see a list of stories I wrote that appeared in various zines or on this web site on the front page. Also, there is a contact box. Write me if you want to know more about me or my work, or if you have a fantastic desire to become my best friend or lover (women only at this time).

Thanks for visiting.