Penned in 2002, I recently went back through the book and found a delightful romance ready to be edited, reviewed and published. Published November 2017.

Ted has two passions: Stephanie and his art,
with Stephanie being the primary subject for
his art. Stephanie is passionate about her
biological clock and Ted. Ted doesn't seem to realize that a biological clock is ticking and then, he's on his own. Stepahnie is gone.

Robert makes money hand over fist in ways that may not be legal and he likes to
have a good time. Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, was a monk that studied pea plants in the 1850's.

Ted's heartbroken, but finds solace in a 19thcentury monk, memories, and painting.
Robert makes Ted his new project and somehow,
it all comes together in the end with everyones life changing, except for Gregor Mendel, who remains deceased throughout the book.

A romantic tale that is full of passion, natural science
plus some nudity, on and off a canvas.